Tag: Planning

Easy, Turbo!

“Let’s step back and give everyone the context of this topic.” I find myself saying those words often in meetings. Or I have to stop the speaker to interject and get everyone in the room up to speed.

Lots of Talk, No Action

In the past, many emails, phone calls, and voicemails were sent requesting a price reduction. An understanding had not been achieved. A new direction had to be taken. Few parties reacted with the necessary answers.

A Foolproof Path to Achieve Your Goals

Everyone cheered as my CEO announced that he wanted to grow our company internationally. Then came the punch line. He asked us to give the top 10% of our resources […]

3 Ways to Take the Temperature of Your Organization

Vernon Bryant, Chairman and CEO of Southwest Bank, and a Dale Carnegie graduate from 1993, told me that his people have been the key factor to their growth and success.  Southwest Bank, […]

How to Face Stress

So I don’t typically let stress get to me, but this last week was proving the exception. I had numerous projects at work that all seemed to be coming due […]