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Jeff Cockrell is a business professional with more than three decades experience in sales, management, and leadership. His specialty is delivering bottom-line business results for organizations by super-charging their people with leadership and communications skills. After graduating from the University of Virginia, Jeff was commissioned as an officer in the US Navy. During 11 years active duty, he led organizations as small as 8 and as large as 1,900. Every single ship to which he was assigned won the Battle "E" (think US Navy Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award). After leaving the Navy, he started working with Dale Carnegie developing the skills and attitudes in others that they need to accelerate their progress toward success - professionally AND personally. In addition to his Dale Carnegie experience, Jeff has worked for ALLTEL, Sprint, New York Life, Pacesetter Claims among others. And, he has helped organizations successfully navigate the challenges of succession, doubled sales for a call center, and helped companies integrate technologies to speed the claims resolution process. Jeff knows, and passionately believes, the only difference between a successful organization and an unsuccessful organization is the quality of their people - at every level. Jeff is dedicated to helping others step into more of their abilities, so they live more productive, and ultimately, more successful lives - professionally AND personally.

Do People “Like” Me? – Dale Carnegie’s Social (Media) Element

Dale Carnegie said, “If you tell me how you get your feeling of importance, I’ll tell you what you are. That determines your character. That is the most significant thing about you.”