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Randy Showalter is a proud father, an electrical engineer, a musician, a health IT data integration architect, an aspiring audiophile, a business expert, a Trekkie and, to top it all off, a Dale Carnegie graduate! Born in Canada, he's lived in Germany, and currently resides near Dallas, TX where he works for IBM Watson Health. Randy loves gadgets, high-end audio, data & database design, web programming, coffee, music (especially renaissance, baroque, indie rock & electronic) and PEOPLE (especially his wife, newborn daughter, and the excellent family and friends with whom he is blessed.) Randy graduated from the Dale Carnegie Course in 2012.

The Harder the Message, The More Important it is to Hear

A former CEO of mine told me a story of how one of his key people came to him years ago and said, “I need you to know that I love this company. I love what we stand for, and I believe in what we’re doing, but I have to leave.”

What Does it Mean, To Stop Worrying and Start Living?

“Don’t worry!” My wife is committed to breastfeeding our infant. I heartily support her in this. She feels very strongly that breast is best, and that every ounce of breast […]

Don’t Give Up On Your Colleague!

He’s just so defensive all the time. Even when I compliment him, he snaps!” A friend recently shared some frustrations she encounters with a new teammate. Her expanding department expects […]