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Paul Kearley is president of IBC Impact Business Communication, Inc, which offers Dale Carnegie Training in the Canadian Maritimes. Dale Carnegie Training is a global organization that helps individuals and organizations achieve goals by improving the way they communicate, influence and lead. Coaching clients to enhance relationships, tell powerful stories and communicate to get massive action, Paul Kearley is a transformational speaker, entrepreneur and author of over 350 articles and 4 e-books. He has coached many thousands of people since his start in the Personal and Business development world in 1985. From Premiers of provinces to entrepreneurs to CEO’s, and from salespeople to students, he has assisted them all to communicate through barriers negotiate change, tell better stories, build unstoppable confidence and amplify sales. A Business coach and managing partner for Dale Carnegie Business Group in the Maritimes, Paul’s mission is to empower people to realize the power they have to be a positive influence in their place of employment and in their personal life!

The One Easy Thing You Can Do Today To Improve Any Relationship

I was running away to find appreciation, yet I had no clue what it was or how to give it myself.