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I am a strategic planner based in Dallas Fort Worth. Covering work-life balance, leadership, and special projects, my stories highlight the relationship between our personal values and our work performance.

Fellow Millennials: 4 Questions to Ask When Weighing Job Options

Whenever I’m questioned about my career by young parents or travel-aspiring millennials, I’m constantly greeted with this response: “Wow! You’re so lucky you can work remotely!”

3 Ways Leaders Can Learn from Self-Driving Cars

When I first imagined the self-driving car, I pictured a futuristic Mercedes, Tesla, BMW, or Toyota. Today, who is at the forefront of self-driving research? It’s not an automotive company.

How to Train Your Boss: Finding Boundaries (Part 1&2)

Why did I allow myself to be walked over? How could I allow others to make work my first priority in my life?