One of the most controversial coaches in all of football is Bill Belichick, who is often described as smug and normally appears endlessly annoyed. People either love him or hate him. If you play for him, you fall in the former category and here’s why: He is a truly outstanding leader.

Belichick may not appear to be the friendliest person in the room. But to be fair, if we were asked and expected to answer the same questions repeatedly over the course of 40 plus years, we might seem grumpy too. However, to the people he leads, he is their backbone, and he charts and directs a course of success for those who rely on him. His blend of discipline and realistic empathy is born of a practical but people-centered philosophy.

Belichick revealed his 5 Rules of Exceptional Leadership  in a recent interview with Suzy Welch.
  1. Leadership means building a team that’s exhaustively prepared, but able to adjust in an instant.
  2. Leadership means having the discipline to deploy your “dependables”.
  3. Leadership means being the boss.
  4. Leadership means caring about everything going on in the lives of your people.
  5. Leadership means never resting on your laurels.

Team sports and business have a lot in common.  When we have the right people in the right roles focused on a common strategic objective, the result is a highly formidable team. 

We have the opportunity to emulate Belichick’s successful path to exceptional leadership in our own lives and workplace. Building a disciplined, agile team, setting the tone, making sure our people know we care about them beyond their performance, celebrating successes, and continually preparing to tackle the next challenge will keep us performing at the highest levels over the long term. And just a side note here, but my take is that it’s more fun if we can aspire to these things and also ditch the grumpy.

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Posted by Bob Price

Bob brings a very diverse background to his position Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Dale Carnegie Training. After earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo he was recruited into an operations management position with a national industrial chemical distributor. The operations background in distribution gave him the foundation to move into a successful career selling chemicals and the company’s hazardous waste management program which he received their highest performance award twice. He moved away from industrial sales to more strategic solution based sales when he joined Right Management the largest global career transition company in the world. There he worked with senior managers to design solutions to deliver specific predetermined results. As the Vice President of Strategic Solutions with Dale Carnegie, Bob has worked with companies both large and small to collaborate on professional growth strategies which provide his clients with the tools and resources to achieve their organization goals and objectives. He has been nationally recognized in the top 10% of Dale Carnegie’s consultants for each of the past three years.

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