He was incredibly enthusiastic as he greeted each of us stepping onto the plane. His demeanor was friendly, genuine, happy, cordial and kind.  He looked for any way possible to assist us as we boarded.  He was so positive and real that he immediately connected with each passenger. As you certainly guessed by now, his name is Ray. He was an attendant on my American Airlines flight from Houston to DFW not too long ago, and he was on a mission to exceed expectations!

Ray was so authentic and enthusiastically genuine that I was amazed to see how he so quickly created such a positive and upbeat environment as soon as I had taken two steps onto the plane.  Please understand, I have encountered hundreds of terrific flight attendants. They are all looking out for passenger safety first, and then making our flight as comfortable as possible (the incredibly cramped center seats and playing elbow wars with my row mates is a whole other story).

Ray was different… all in positive ways!  You could tell that he decided his role was to create a very pleasant experience. He went beyond getting us from here to there. You could see how his great attitude impacted the passengers… me included! Dale Carnegie said, “Life is like a boomerang. What you send out, is what you get back.”.

Unfortunately, the airlines have generated some incredibly bad press for themselves in recent months.  Largely in part to a lack of core human relations skills.  As far as I can tell, the airlines don’t feel any obligation other than to get us to our destination as safely and quickly as possible. 

People like Ray, however, remove some of the frustrations and stress of flying.  He makes memorable experiences and all for the RIGHT reasons. Ray is a difference maker!

Ray was easily building trust, applying many of Dale Carnegie’s principles. When we do that in our businesses, we can all be “Rays” of sunshine to make a difference.

I fly a lot!  Ray, I hope to see you again soon!

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Posted by Frank Starkey

Frank is the Vice President of Training representing Dale Carnegie Training in North Texas. In this role, he leads and develops the training team responsible for implementing client solutions driving business results for clients. As a Master Trainer for Dale Carnegie & Associates, he trains and certifies leaders for the Carnegie organization. Frank has been part of numerous curriculum development teams with Dale Carnegie & Associates. He is currently a member of the Dale Carnegie International Trainer Quality Board consisting of trainers throughout our worldwide organization.

One Comment

  1. Edna Wischkaemper August 9, 2017 at 2:13 pm

    Thank you, Frank. Ray’s attitude is very inspiring for all of us to love what we do, it will show.



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