Are you wired to think “disruptively”?  Does your organization embrace disruptive thinking?

As a baby boomer; my generation was responsible for major disruption in America.  The 1960’s saw protests against the Vietnam War, drug use, along with burning of draft cards and bras.  There were draft dodgers escaping to Canada and unrest on most college campuses.  We had race riots in Watts, Selma and Detroit, destroying businesses and communities all in the pursuit of equal rights.  Main stream America had never faced anything like it.  What was wrong with these people? Why were they so passionate to disrupt the status quo? Wasn’t life in America good?

Our fathers and mothers, labelled the “Greatest Generation,” sacrificed so much for America.  They survived the Great Depression and World War II, and now their offspring are challenging authority and traditional thinking.  The baby boomers didn’t trust anyone of over 30, and many never thought they would reach 30!

Disruptive thinking has led to rapid progress in society, and it has also led to many highly successful business ventures.  FedEx gave us overnight delivery. Starbucks gets $5 for coffee, and there is line at every location! Amazon made it easy to purchase items online from the couch. And who ever imagined we would pay for bottled water?  Almost everyone today has a smart phone (mine is smarter than me).  And who thought we would be headed toward driverless automobiles?

America has a history of disruptive thinkers who are wired to enact change in their organizations.

Whether we label leaders as “change agents” or “disruptive thinkers,” these people are the ones who shift the competitive landscape, and they are the ones that propel our organizations forward.  A little secret for those who wish to suppress change; disruptive thinkers are not afraid of conflict.  They take challenges head on, and with each challenge they become stronger and better prepared to accept the next one.

The pace of change in our world comes faster and quicker with each generation.  Millennials are disruptive thinkers, and like previous generations, will build the world they want to live in.  Each of us stands in choice whether to fight the disruption, adapt to it, or join the revolution and be part of it.  One thing has proven certain over the course of time: “change is undefeated”.

Posted by Bob Price

Bob brings a very diverse background to his position Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Dale Carnegie Training. After earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo he was recruited into an operations management position with a national industrial chemical distributor. The operations background in distribution gave him the foundation to move into a successful career selling chemicals and the company’s hazardous waste management program which he received their highest performance award twice. He moved away from industrial sales to more strategic solution based sales when he joined Right Management the largest global career transition company in the world. There he worked with senior managers to design solutions to deliver specific predetermined results. As the Vice President of Strategic Solutions with Dale Carnegie, Bob has worked with companies both large and small to collaborate on professional growth strategies which provide his clients with the tools and resources to achieve their organization goals and objectives. He has been nationally recognized in the top 10% of Dale Carnegie’s consultants for each of the past three years.

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