Why do sales managers direct their folks to make the cold call?

Is it a strategy/campaign?  Is it part of their numbers game? Are they timing the market?  Are they just hoping for the one in a thousand windfall? Well, go ahead and jump in! It may be a perfect time to start the conversation.

Two weeks ago one of our associates made a cold call to what seemed to be a solid (although undiscovered) account. Without a name or even a great website to view, the call began.

Associate: “May I please speak to someone in your engineering department?”

Prospect: “Why?”

Associate: “Because it looks like your product could use our newest line of widgets. As a matter of fact this new widget has direct application to your design, and here is why…”

Prospect: “Tell me more.”

Associate: The associate continued to tell the prospect all about it, and concluded, “would love to sit down with our latest tech sheets and start the conversation.”

Prospect: “I happen to be the person you are looking for, and if today suits you it works for me.”

Associate: “Perfect see you @ 2 PM today.”

Two visits later, three new applications were discovered and samples have been ordered for test.

Most salespeople worry about the customers reaction, and freeze. The next three steps line out your best means to overcome the cold call fear.

1.Ask yourself what is the worst that can happen ? The customer hangs up.

2.Prepare to accept the worst. The customer declines to take the next step.

3.Try to improve on the worst. Find a way to turn the smallest experience into your next win.

When will you make your next cold call?

Do you allow fear and worry to prevent you from reaching your full potential? Access Dale Carnegie’s Secrets of Success for the best ways to manage worry.

Posted by Rick Kimball

President / Owner of R. F. Kimball Co., Inc (Manufacturers Representative) Graduated from The Dale Carnegie Course in 2009. Uniting customers with manufacturers in the technology / electronics field. Markets served, Industrial, Military, Commercial.


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