Our team faced a pivotal point concerning a top-tier client. The customer’s management team was demanding a price reduction.

Lots of Talk, No Action

In the past, many emails, phone calls, and voicemails were sent requesting a price reduction. An understanding had not been achieved. A new direction had to be taken. Few parties reacted with the necessary answers. True solutions did not appear, leaving all parties divided.


After six months, we scheduled a face-to-face meeting. The facts were presented. The brainstorming process began. With all options presented and all ideas considered, two paths were chosen. Each path was legitimate, easy to implement, and would deliver full impact.

The customer was receptive. Our execution phase began.

Ironically, our two solutions had nothing to do with unit price. Both paths delivered overall results to the customer’s bottom line through production efficiency.


Often, face-to-face meetings are delayed due to time constraints, interruptions, and misguided priorities. Meeting face-to-face creates a sense of teamwork. The right environment lets the other person feel ownership over the idea. Meeting with people produces clarity. In this case, one meeting saved time and produced the best result.

Hold your next meeting in person, and you will improve everyone’s bottom line. Click here to access Dale Carnegie’s eBook: Closing the Sale by Building Relationships with Customers!

Posted by Rick Kimball

President / Owner of R. F. Kimball Co., Inc (Manufacturers Representative) Graduated from The Dale Carnegie Course in 2009. Uniting customers with manufacturers in the technology / electronics field. Markets served, Industrial, Military, Commercial.

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