It’s 9:30 pm, and I’ve thrown in the towel.

The next morning, I was to host a workshop on Mindful Leadership for CEO’s, with 38 senior leaders expected. Unfortunately, there was an error in the participant manual, and I didn’t catch it until 7:30pm.  Once noticed, I went into a panic, trying to get a hold of the printing company that did the job.  They had been closed for two and a half hours.

I emailed everyone I could at the company, but didn’t hear back.  It was time to just cooperate with the inevitable and get some sleep.

But then a a text came from Keith Einstein, owner of Einstein Printing in Carrollton, TX!

“What’s up, Ryan,” he texted.  I explained in text how hard we had worked in preparing for this workshop, and we were making a first impression on all these company leaders, and how this error in the manual was a real disappointment.

“I can’t tell what’s wrong without seeing it,” he responded, “but I’ll be at my office in 30 minutes to figure it out.”

“I’ll meet you there,” I texted back.

We met at 10:00 pm at his office, and one of his team members helped to figure out the problem over the phone with another co-worker, and they all worked together to reprint ALL of our materials for the workshop, finishing up just past midnight.  The end product was spectacular!

The unbelievable thing was that no one at Einstein Printing ever made me feel guilty about having them at the office late at night, long after hours, to work on my project.  On the contrary, they were apologetic about the mistake, without even knowing whose fault it was (turned out to be partially ours).  They were actually enthusiastic to help me, and with that enthusiasm, made me feel like a valued customer.

Dale Carnegie said, “Flaming enthusiasm, backed by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success.”

Keith Einstein and his team at Einstein Printing has indeed cracked this code.  They’ve certainly earned my loyalty.  If you want to find out what drives that kind of engagement with teams, click here for the white paper, or call us at 817-768-3386 (Fort Worth), or 972-702-9664 (Dallas).

Posted by Ryan M. Akins

Investor, Entrepreneur, Listener and Learner. Ryan currently serves as Regional President of Dale Carnegie for the North Texas region. He graduated from The Dale Carnegie Course in 2011.

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