In a recent visit with a client we discovered a much needed strategy / channel to the market.We gathered together with a very qualified trusted client. During the course of discussion many applications and products were presented.

In order to find the right fit, our team listened to the requirements. We began to look for the correct solution. Over the next hour, most of the products within our portfolio seem to fit in terms of power, physical size, and agency approvals.

The environment this customer operates in is very demanding.

Initial project design is swift, suppliers must react quickly and accurately. The customer then turned the discussion towards service and local distribution. The more the client discussed their channel of choice, the more we discovered our local infrastructure was inadequate.

Our team walked out of the meeting, with a much greater takeaway than initially anticipated. This 90 minute discussion changed the way our team will deliver product to this end user. Listening to a customer’s perspective will lead to new channel strategies, and more efficient fulfillment.

Posted by Rick Kimball

President / Owner of R. F. Kimball Co., Inc (Manufacturers Representative) Graduated from The Dale Carnegie Course in 2009. Uniting customers with manufacturers in the technology / electronics field. Markets served, Industrial, Military, Commercial.

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