Does Last Year Even Care About This Year?

I say yes! If this year is going to continue being as Blockbuster Big as it wants to be, it will take note three valuable lessons from last year…

  1. Quit planning, start doing! So, the goal is not to “not plan”, but rather to get better at the action piece. Jump boldly into your dreams (and goals.) You might just surprise yourself.
  2. No person is an island! Know the difference between solo, and team effort! Individual work feeds into team-work, so enlist others that have common goals. Help yourself by helping them.
  3. Feed Thyself! Make personal development and professional development a priority. Sometimes we help others and forget about ourselves (managers, we’re speaking to you!)

N0 matter what this brings you, I firmly believe, let today be a shining example of what yesterday could have been!

Posted by Ken Morgenstern

Servant Leader, Torch Bearer, Entreprenuer. Ken serves as President of Amald Consulting, bringing Business Development and Coaching to Dale Carnegie for the North Texas Region. He graduated from The Dale Carnegie Course in 2014.

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